Application and Software Development

At BlueWater, software development and sustainment is a core competency and we specialize in developing custom software solutions and web applications. We focus on listening and capturing requirements using visualization software such as iRise or Justintime to address the unique needs of each client and each project.

We are successfully performing in the following areas:

  • Software Design, Development and Implementation
  • Software Operations and Maintenance Updates
  • SharePoint Development and Deployment
  • Customized COTS Product Implementation
  • Agile Training and Implementation

Representative clients and performance includes:

  • DoD Defense Health Agency – We support a portfolio of 150 sites, sub-sites and applications that support public and internal audiences using IIS, .NET, Coldfusion, Java, jQuery, JavaScript, and SiteCore content management system. Our team recently completed a project to consolidate all public-facing websites into a unified site——managed through an enterprise CMS. The result is a single-voice enterprise presence with easy-to-browse architecture.
  • JACCIS Project, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office – This project was initiated while “RED” on the Federal IT dashboard due to lack of a viable production application after four years of investment. The program had failed Interim Authority to Operate (IATO) security screening and was nearly cancelled. To correct these deficiencies, BlueWater implemented Agile development, gathered user stories, and validated requirements. After three sprints, our team turned out a production release that received an IATO and went into production.
  • FEMA Public Affairs – BlueWater is responsible for SDLC support for four major systems: FEMA Public websites, U.S. Fire Administration websites, FEMA’s Intranet site, and the FEMA Learning Resource Center. We manage software integration, application development, and website content which enables the timely dissemination of information to the public and FEMA stakeholders. We used Agile methodology to develop over 40 web-based applications with the ability to prioritize items most relevant to the general public in the event of active or impending natural disasters.